The following is a list of the most recent active jobs under construction:

Project Address City/Location Project Type Developer/General Contractor
  213 E. Regent St. Inglewood  250 Unit Apartment    Milender-White, Inc. 
2968 W. 7th St. Los Angeles 228 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
1718 Las Palmas  Los Angeles 226 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
411 Normandie Ave  Los Angeles 224 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
1160 E.19th St. Upland 203 Unit Apartment Wood Partners West Builders
900 S. Vermont   Los Angeles 193 Unit Apartment  Wilshire Construction, LLC
1625 Lincoln Blvd  Santa Monica 191 Unit Apartment Milender-White, Inc.
210 E. Ocean Blvd Long Beach    185 Suites / 14 Story Breakers Hotel    ARCO National Construction 
4282 Sunnyslope Ave  Sherman Oaks 141 Unit Apartment Snyder Langston, Inc
800 S. Harvard  Los Angeles 138 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction. LLC
1001 E. Colorado St. Glendale 134 Suites Holiday Inn Sinanian Development, Inc.
678 S. Ardmore Ave.  Los Angeles 123 Unit Apartment  Philmont Management, Inc. 
801 S. Berendo St  Los Angeles 98 Unit Apartment Philmont Management, Inc.
1666 N. Main St Santa Ana 68 Unit Apartment Westport Construction, Inc.
689 Catalina St. Los Angeles 60 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
5335 W. Adams Blvd.  Los Angeles 60 Unit Apartment CIM Group, Inc
1836 Locust Ave.  Long Beach   58 Affordable Housing Dreyfuss Construction 
970 S. Fedora  Los Angeles 51 Unit Building Wilshire Construction, LLC
728 N. Sweetzer Ave  Los Angeles 49 Unit Condos ETCO HOMES
506 Evergreen Los Angeles 40 Unit Building Pillar Building Group, LLC 
1001 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles 34 Unit Building HMS Investments Inc.
714 N. Sweetzer Ave Los Angeles 28 Unit Apartment  ETCO HOMES
728 Croft Ave. Beverly Hills 28 Unit Apartment  ETCO HOMES
7673 Melrose  Los Angeles 24 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
124 S. Croft Ave.  Los Angeles 13 Unit Apartment    Sapphire Construction & Development, Inc
719 S. Marengo Ave  Pasadena 12 Unit Town Homes RAAM Construction, Inc.
Pier 44   Marina Del Rey 8 Commercial Building   Sinanian Development, Inc.
1302 La Brea  Los Angeles Retail Building CIM Group, Inc
5211 Adams Blvd  Los Angeles Commercial Office CIM Group, Inc.
926 N. Sycamore Los Angeles Retail / Office  CIM Group, Inc
5600 Adams Blvd. Los Angeles Commercial Building CIM Group, Inc.

The following is a list of the most recent jobs completed:

Project Address City/Location Project Type Developer/General Contractor
1950 Third Street--VIEW La Verne 375 Student Housing-University of La Verne Bernards
1725-1755 Auburn Way--VIEW Anaheim 244 Unit Apartment George C. Hopkins, Inc
3460 Wilshire Blvd.--VIEW Los Angeles 215 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
4000 E. Fairmount Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 208 Unit Assisted Living Walton Construction, Inc
424 W. Pico Blvd.--VIEW Los Angeles 176 Unit Apartment Sinanian Development, Inc
534 S. Main St--VIEW Los Angeles 172 Unit Apartment Sinanian Development, Inc
2851 Alton Parkway--VIEW Irvine 170 Unit Apartment Milender-White, Inc
700 S. Manhattan Place--VIEW Los Angeles 160 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
4050 N. Fruit St.--VIEW  Fresno  150 Unit Apartment RAAM Construction, Inc 
2645 S. Melrose Dr--VIEW Vista 150 Suite Hyatt Hotel Crane Development 
533 S. Grand Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 144 Unit/12 Story Hi-Rise Brockman/West Millennium
4133 Redwood Ave.--VIEW Marina Del Rey 143 Unit Apartment/Retail California Landmark Corp
1249 S. Grand Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 129 Condo/Retail Sinanian Development, Inc
14135 Cerise Ave.--VIEW Hawthorne 127 Unit Apartment Sinanian Development, Inc.
685 Catalina St.--VIEW Los Angeles 120 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
4215 Glencoe Ave.--VIEW Marina Del Rey 119 Unit Apartment/Retail California Landmark Corp
2300 Dupont Dr--VIEW Irvine 117 Unit Condo/Townhouse Salter Company 
1133 Vine Street--VIEW Los Angeles 112 Suites Hampton Inn Hotel Prime Group Construction, Inc
207 E. Seaside Ave.--VIEW Long Beach 112 Unit Apartment Shangri-La Construction, Inc
1011 S. Serrano Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 104 Unit Apartment  Wilshire Construction, LLC
822 N. Hazard Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 100 Unit Assisted Living Walton Construction
450 W. Springville Ave--VIEW Porterville 100 Unit Apartment RAAM Construction Inc
442 W. Ocean Blvd.--VIEW Long Beach 94 Unit Apartment  Shangri-La Construction, Inc.
1221-1331 Katella Ave.--VIEW Anaheim 92 Unit Condo/Townhouse  Millennium Platinum Dev, Inc
300 N. Central Ave.--VIEW Glendale 92 Unit Apartment/Retail Legendary Builders
3885-3887 East State St.--VIEW Santa Barbara 89 Unit Apartment/Retail George C. Hopkins Construction, Inc.
2956 Mission Street--VIEW Santa Cruz 82 Suites Marriott Hotel Prime Group Construction, Inc.
1168 S. Barrington Ave--VIEW West Los Angeles 80 Unit Apartments/Retail HYMAX Building Corp
7928 Hollywood Blvd.--VIEW Los Angeles 78 Unit Condos CLG Construction Inc
245 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.--VIEW Sierra Madre 75 Unit Assisted Living Complex Crane Development
4803 El Canon Ave.--VIEW Calabasas 75 Unit Apartment/Senior Housing Pacific Empire Builders
535 S. Kingsley dr.--VIEW Los Angeles 72 Unit Apartment Wilshire Construction, LLC
4140 Glencoe Ave.--VIEW Marina Del Rey 67 Unit Condo  Etco Homes
3450 Cahuenga Ave.--VIEW Universal City 67 Unit Live/Work Universal Contractors
331-343 Doran St.--VIEW  Glendale 60 Unit Townhouse/Affordable Housing RAAM Construction, Inc
5420 N. Yolanda Ave.--VIEW
Los Angeles 57 Unit Condo/Townhomes Sinanian Development, Inc
7817 Lankershim Blvd.--VIEW North Hollywood 55 Unit Rehab AMJ Construction Management
600 S Ridgely Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 52 Unit Condo Marina Contractors
966 S. Kenmore--VIEW   Los Angeles 50 Unit Apartment  Wilshire Construction, LLC
558 Glenrock Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 48 Unit UCLA Student Housing PCL Construction
15105 Mission Hills Road--VIEW Mission Hills 45 Unit Assisted Living Sinanian Development. Inc
540 S. Kingsley Dr.--VIEW Los Angeles 45 Unit LDK Kingsley Senior Apartment Walton Construction
4675 52nd. Drive--VIEW Vernon 46 Unit Affordable Housing RAAM Construction
2401 Virginia Ave.--VIEW Santa Monica 44 Unit Senior Housing Morley Builders/Benchmark Construction Inc
111 E. Wilson Ave.--VIEW Glendale 42 Unit Apartments/Retail Pacific Empire Builders
900-906 Crenshaw Blvd.--VIEW Los Angeles 40 Unit LDK Crenshaw Senior Apartment Walton Construction 
1225-1233 Vermont Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 40 Unit Apartment Dreyfuss Construction
23130 Sherman Way--VIEW
West Hills
39 Unit Condo/Townhomes
Salter Company
1251 Palomares Ave.--VIEW La Verne 36 Unit Apartment Walton Construction
7941 N. Ventura Canyon Ave.-VIEW Los Angeles 34 Unit Apartment Pacific Empire Builders
10920 MacArthur Blvd.--VIEW Oakland 33 Unit Affordable Housing RAAM Construction, Inc
600 N. Fair Oaks Ave.--VIEW
33 Unit Townhomes/Affordable Housing
RAAM Construction, Inc
4510 Murietta Ave.--VIEW
Sherman Oaks
33 Unit Condo
AFCO Development
981 Silver Spur Rd.--VIEW Rolling Heights 33 Unit Townhomes LEFEVRE Corporation
3215 3rd St.--VIEW Long Beach 31 Unit Senior Housing Dreyfuss Construction, Inc
3627-3637 Hughes Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles  27 Unit Condos  Pacific Empire Builders 
1836 Sichel St.-- VIEW Los Angeles 27 Unit Apartment  Tipping Development, Inc
4125-4131 Whittier-- VIEW Los Angeles 25 Unit Affordable Housing Walton Construction, Inc
1303 Wellesley Ave--VIEW
West Los Angeles
25 unit Condo/Townhomes
California Landmark Corp
377-395 S. Marengo Ave.--VIEW Pasadena 24 Unit Apartment RAAM Construction
1817 Prosser Ave--VIEW
West Los Angeles
22 unit Condo/Townhomes
HYMAX Builders Corp
5601 W. Olympic Blvd.--VIEW Los Angeles  22 Unit Condo ASHCO. Inc
5525 W. Olympic Blvd.--VIEW Los Angeles 21 Unit Condo ASHCO. Inc
10640 Woodbridge--VIEW
Toluca Lake
21 Unit Condo
AFCO Development
11004 Valley Heart Dr.--VIEW
Studio City
21 Unit Condo
Salter Company
104-124 Orange Grove Blvd Pasadena 21 Unit Apartment RAAM Construction
11500 National Blvd.--VIEW Los Angeles 18 Unit Condo CFF Construction Inc
1345 Havenhurst Drive--VIEW West Hollywood 16 Unit Condo Hymax Construction
1342 Hayworth Ave.--VIEW Los Angeles 16 Unit Condo Legendary Builders Corp.
7316-7320 Comstock Ave. Whittier 11 Unit Apartment RAAM Construction
1048-1055 Manzanita  Los Angeles 9 Unit Apartment CIM Group, Inc
12827 Saticoy St.--VIEW N. Hollywood LAUSD/School Prime Axis Inc
1111 W. Olympic Blvd.--VIEW
West Los Angeles
Medical Building
Cedars Telecommunication Group, Inc
1916 Colorado Blvd.--VIEW
Eagle Rock
Medical Office
Lmannish LLC
18648 Clark St.--VIEW Tarzana Beith David Temple Land Mark West
3458 San Fernando Rd.--VIEW Los Angeles Pool Hall Green Room Billiard
972 Griswold Ave--VIEW San Fernando
HAS Development
75 E. Santa Anita--VIEW Burbank Burbank Youth Center HAS Development
4141 Duquesne Ave.--VIEW Culver City 7-Unit Townhomes DNNA Construction, Inc
410-424 Boyd St. Los Angeles Office/Retail Legendary Builders Corp.
1203 Elmwood Ave. Burbank Custom Home HAS Development
147 N. Occidental Blvd.  Los Angeles School Walton Construction, Inc
1615 N. Blue Jay Way Hollywood Hills Custom Home ETCO HOMES
207 N. Maryland--VIEW Glendale  Laemmle Film Center/ Theater Pacific Empire Builders

       4915 Alton Parkway-- VIEW                    Irvine                                    Congregational Church                                        Weiland Construction,Inc.

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